At Basecamp, you'll find workshops focused on specific career and money goals.

Our workshops are led by peer experts. They've worked at some of the top companies out there, including Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, and Teach for America. Think street cred and real world experience.

With their input, you'll get clarity and confidence to execute your plan.

Your community of peers

An integral part of the Basecamp experience: your community of peers. When you sign-up for a workshop, you'll join a community of like-minded individuals. We'll match you with a small group (no more than 20 individuals) for additional support and input. You can get to the top alone, but its faster and more fun with us.

1x1 expert advice (In beta)

Want to talk directly to an expert? Let us know what you're looking to accomplish. We'll set you up with pre-vetted options to choose from. You'll pick the expert you like, and then confirm a 45 minute session.

For careers: We'll match you with someone 5-10 years ahead of you in the same or similar industry.

For money: We'll match you with someone who's accomplished the specific goal you're tackling. 

upcoming live events

Throughout the year, we host live events in member cities. Want to attend but too far away? No worries, we broadcast all our events. Sign up below to get alerts for upcoming events / broadcasts. This quarter's line-up:

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Our story

steve jobs.jpg

In 2015, five friends reconnected at their Stanford reunion.

Our graduation speaker ten years ago had been Steve Jobs. His speech had called on us to "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." It was inspiring, but we didn't really know what it meant in practice.

Fast forward to 2015, and we finally had some understanding of what he meant. We also wished we'd had some practical guidance along the way.

Since graduation, we've gone into different industries (tech, finance, non-profit, law). What we share in common: our belief that you can get there faster with others.

We were looking for a no bullshit community where we could learn from the best. We couldn't find that community, so we went and built it. We hope Steve Jobs would approve.