We're your personal board of directors

Life used to be simple: Join a company, work hard, retire with pension. The world is a lot more complicated today.  There's more competition, more uncertainty. The upside: With uncertainty comes freedom. Freedom to build the life you want. 

We're here the help you identify and achieve that life through clear, actionable plans. That means bringing clarity to your financial and career decisions at every step of the way. How do we do this? 

Each of our members has access to three foundational systems: 

  1. Team of certified financial planners. They're here to help build the financial foundation that supports your goals. Want to travel the world for a year? Start your own business? Get married and have kids? It comes down to math, not magic. Your advisor will help you automate, invest and execute your dreams into reality. All our advisors are certified CFPs with fiduciary responsibility.
  2. Team of executive coaches. They're here to help accelerate your career trajectory. Our members know that up-leveling their career is the #1 driver of their financial future. Want to transition industries? Demystify the path to Partner, VP, or "Head Of"? Your coach will help you develop the inside playbook to get there. FYI: It's a lot more than "lean in." All our coaches have experience at firms such as Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and VC-backed startups.
  3. A community of like-minded peers. We know you can get there solo, but it's more fun and faster with others. We host member events throughout the year. The most popular is our quarterly small group. Each small group is comprised of peers with similar financial backgrounds and goals. These are judgement free zones where honest, candid conversations happen. Your small group will be there for the setbacks and the successes.

The C-suite has always had access to the above. Now, so do our members. 

Meet some of your advisors

matt lewis.jpg

Matt Robertson, Financial Planner

Prior: Goldman Sachs Asset Management

2018 Goal: Write a children's book for my four-year-old son


Val Sandler, Executive Coach

Prior: Facebook Executive Recruiting

2018 Goal: Learn how to cook, and have friends over for dinner

matt bauman.jpg

Dale Andersen, Executive Coach

Prior: Google People Development 

2018 Goal: Take improv classes and perform onstage

matt lewis.jpg

Johanna Bunch, Financial Planner

Prior Experience: Merrill Lynch Asset Management

2018 Goal: Take a trip to Patagonia and go back to Argentina

Interested in joining?

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