Get clarity on your money & career decisions

Our quizzes are fun & simple to take, but backed by extensive research and data. You'll walk out feeling confident and clear in your decision making.

What'll it take to hit my target salary?

What's your current salary vs your target salary? We'll analyze your industry and role to see if you're on track.

what'll it take to travel for a year?

Describe your travel style. We'll calculate how much it'll cost. Know how much to save each month to fund the trip.

What'll it take to retire in my 30s or 40s?

Committed to FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)? You'll know exactly how much to save and invest to retire as early as possible.


Should i go back to school and take out loans?

Thinking about going back to school, but unsure about taking on loans? Know how much you'll need to make afterwards for it to be worth it.

how does my spend compare vs peers?

Curious how your spending and saving habits compare to peers with your same income? See how you compare against our members.

should i buy a home or continue to rent?

Thinking about buying a home, but not sure if its a good idea? We'll compare your options to see if it's a good investment.